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.Ronyvaldo Barros dos Santos is a Brazilian writer, creator character Dr. Dimitri, detective very hard and funny. In this blog we will browse in the world of literature.

Machado de Assis – largest writer of Brazilian literature.

Dostoiévski – great Russian writer author of “The Brothers karamazovi”.

Miguel de Cervantes – largest writer of all time, author of “El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de La Mancha”.

Dr. Dimitri


Detective created by Ronyvaldo Barros dos Santos. It is a very hard and researcher at the same time funny. It’s Published in webartigos.com and Recanto das Letras.

Created on September 14, 2008, became a symbol of literature writer of RBS, which inspired by precursors of this great style, created a more modern adaptation to police stories.

“Dimitri was high, the gallant first glance, was a proud and serious voice, beautiful, his skin was ivory and his eyes were brown. loved the stories and was police identified with characters of Edgar Allan Poe, Conan Doyle and Edgar Wallace. He had the complete their thirties and five years and costumes always a black suit as the darkness of the night. “(Dr. Dimitri Idem. No. 01)

In love with actress Kristin James, this man addicted to teas can be seen in irrevocable mysteries that make it one of the most difficult researchers.



A New World Evolution by RBS

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